The Girl

Kaela Ante has a really cool savvy: she has the ability to conjure monster-sized pieces from her ever-so-cluttered mind and take them on a journey from her imagination to her pen and finally, to paper. That’s right, she creates art.

Her interests include cats, toys, Doc Martens, Star Wars, dancing, coming-of-age books, artsy fartsy films, the geek/punk/rock subculture, pop art, Broadway musicals, etc.

She unintentionally collects flotsam and jetsam (and other sorts of clutter) in her room (aka her “imagination station”) that she desperately tries to keep clean (emphasis on “tries”). But hey, artists are generally messy so… hehe

She finds inspiration for her art in her childhood and also in current things that make her fangirl. Because of so, you’d often find her in a sense of nostalgia. Her inner child keeps her and her art alive.


Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts and Design (2015)
1st Runner-Up: Esoftflow Branding and Identity Contest (2014)
Artwork Featured in Sumo Cyco’s “Brave” Lyric Video (1:55)
Freelance Illustrator for One Mega Group (2013- 2014)




A Short Backstory:

“The doodled girls in frilly dresses and ice skates on the margins of my notebooks were enough proof. By age 5, my parents and my teachers knew exactly that I wanted to be an ARTIST someday- it was just that obvious. And let me tell you, that little dream of mine never did die out. Those scrawls continued to fill up every scrap of paper I could get my little hands on (that’s why I often got low scores on my Math exams- I would spend my time doodling on my scratch papers rather than solving those crazy equations). Grade school is that time when teachers often ask what you would like to be, and every time I would be asked so, I would have a wide confident grin on my face: ‘An illustrator.’ ”

And now, she’s freelancing as one. Check out


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