Clone Wars: Anakin Skywalker (Toy Review)

I haven’t done a toy review in a while so I thought I’d get back to doing one. Today’s toy is my Anakin Skywalker figure from The Clone Wars Collection, which I purchased at ToyCon.

I was really excited to get another Anakin because he was my first favorite Star Wars character. The prequels introduced pre-schooler me to the Star Wars fandom and I haven’t looked back since.

Basic Information
The Clone Wars Collection: Anakin Skywalker (CW03)
Articulation Count: 12
Accessory Count: 1 (his lightsaber)
Released 2013


The Clone Wars Collection: Anakin Skywalker
The Clone Wars Collection: Anakin Skywalker

Anakin is one of my favorite Star Wars characters of all time so it was cool to find this steal at ToyCon. This action figure isn’t commonly found and I got him for a really reasonable price. I don’t know where else to get him, but all I know is that this particular figure wasn’t released in the United States.

Anakin already looks so awesome in his packaging.

Out of the box
Out of the box

And here he is out of the box! As you can probably tell, this Anakin is from towards the latter part of The Clone Wars series so his hair is a lot longer and he is dressed in just his Jedi robes. He also has an angry expression on his face to show the start of his journey towards the Dark Side.

Also note the cloth tunic!

Back view
Back view

I love how detailed his hair is. It’s a lot more detailed than the other Clone Wars Anakin I own.

Comparing the two Anakins
Comparing the two Anakins

Here are my two Clone Wars Anakins side-by-side. The left one is Anakin in the first few seasons of the show so he’s one of the first toys to be released in the line. I got him as part of a set back in late 2009.

Comparing the two, this 2013 Anakin is a lot taller than the left Anakin. The right one has a lot more slim structure too and is much more detailed. Even both the faces, lightsaber colors, and hair sculpts are a lot different from each other.

However… Overall I seem to prefer the right Anakin just by a teensy bit because of the incredible amount of detail Hasbro put into making him. The only thing that puts me off about him is his height. I wish they made him to scale with all the other 4-inch figures made to date. He sticks out like a sore thumb that way.



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