Creative Talks

There was a free Creative Talk event not far from my place so I dragged my friends along and we attended. There were four speakers: Abbey Sy, Alessa Lanot, Tippy Go, and June Digan. All of them are acclaimed artists from the Philippines with a huge following online.

The talk got me more motivated to pursue this art career of mine. It may be unconventional and different but these speakers are proof it is sooooo worth it!

Here are some photos I took of their presentations. I only used my phone to take them but I hope they will still inspire you!



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Graphika Manila 2016

The 2016 two-day Graphika Manila event was a blast! I went with my friend, Kat and we left the conference inspired and ready to make more art.


They had a great lineup of speakers this year:

I took photos of some of the speakers and their slides below!

Warning: Photo-heavy post!



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Inertia and Motivation

In my life, I’ve experienced many highs and lows. I’ve been discouraged so many times and I’ve been hurt too- to the point where I’ve left myself in a state of inertia.


inertia (n)
(courtesy of Merriam-Webster)

: lack of movement or activity especially when movement or activity is wanted or needed
: a feeling of not having the energy or desire that is needed to move, change, etc.


Inertia is a form of paralysis. It’s that sickening feeling of getting stuck at something and not having the will to push through with that certain field anymore. It’s that “Oh, why even bother?” feeling. According to SARK, here are some signs that show you’re in a state of inertia: quitting, hiding, feeling frozen and unable to do anything.


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