LEGO Friends: Cat’s Playground (Toy Review)

Hello everyone! Starting today, I’ll be adding occasional toy reviews aside from my regular entries. I’ve always been a toy lover and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Who cares what age you are, right? Toys are awesome! Even to this day, I get giddy every time I get a chance to go to a toy store. And I’m just really blessed I’ve got friends from school who share the same love of toys as me too. Maybe I can feature some of our toy hunt adventures someday.

So to start off, I’ll be reviewing the LEGO Friends: Cat’s Playground mini set. I was surprised to find this little pretty- the only one of its kind left, at my local Toys R Us because it’s a retired set. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this for some time, and with the Sale price (Php199.75 or $4.46), you just couldn’t go wrong. You can view the whole Series 1 line here (other series lines are featured as well). And if you’re interested in purchasing, do it now! Head to your local Toys R Us. These may not be around for long…

Basic Information
LEGO Friends: Cat’s Playground (41018)
31 Pieces
Series 1: 2013 (Retired)


The set came in a small polybag. What’s good with these types of mini sets is they cost a lot cheaper than the other mini sets with boxes. However, here in my area, LEGO polybags aren’t as common- save for the LEGO Friends: Animals line and the LEGO Minifigure Blind Bags.

The Polybag (Front View)
The Polybag in all its Cuteness (Front View)

Here’s the polybag! As you can see, it has a nice, cute design on it. It’s got a lot of purple which makes sense because this line is mostly targeted to little girls. There’s a small illustration of the LEGO Friends mini doll gang with their pets at the bottom so you can see who else is available in this line. I hope to someday own the Mini dolls! The focal point meanwhile, is a photo featuring the set inside. The adorable kitty cat just makes you want to open it, right?

The Polybag (Back view)
The Polybag (Back View)
Opening the Polybag with my cutter
Opening the Polybag with my cutter

I learned this cutting tip when I bought my first The LEGO Movie blind bag: You get your cutter and cut a small slit on the back. Be careful not to cut too hard or you may cut through the front area of the polybag too. Then, you follow with a quick straight line. It’s as simple as that and you don’t get to ruin the package design in front. If you’re like me and like seeing things in good condition, this would be an excellent thing to do. Goodbye scissors!

Inside the bag
Inside the bag: All the pieces inside the Plastic Bag (L) + Instruction Manual (R)
The 31 Pieces
The 31 Pieces

Just to give a quick look, here’s what the small components in the set look like:

(L-R): a fish + Pink bowl, the kitten, a scratch post
(L-R): a fish + Pink bowl, the kitten, a scratch post

The set comes with only one mini fig, and that is this adorable kitten. She comes with a bow that you can take off and stick to other animals and the mini-dolls.

Simply adorable!
Simply adorable!

And once you put the whole set together, you get… this:

Voila! This is what the finished product should look like.
Voila! This is what the finished product should look like.

I really like the colors in this set. They’re very bright and bold, and all go well together. The pieces, I’d say, would be useful if I was a custom builder. I also like the overall design of the playground- it looks so cozy. I’m really digging that it has three-storeys and has a sort-of mini ramp/slide where the kitten can go up when she needs to.

A little segue but when I was younger, I was really fascinated when I had dolls/figures that came with a little playground. They had those in the Barbie/Kelly doll series back in the early 2000s, if I’m not mistaken. So I found it really cute to see a LEGO version of a playground that featured an adorable kitten. Yes, this set is REALLY tiny, but we have to consider the price too. It’s not bad for it at all because it’s just too cute. I think it’ll look great inside a LEGO house. Cat-lover me is pleased.

I figured this set would be serve as a perfect introduction for me to the LEGO Friends line. And personally, I’m glad I made the right decision. This Cat’s Playground is a very simple set but it’s just too cute to pass on it.

My recommendation though: do not spend a lot for this set. It’s very tiny. It is, however, worth the price I bought it for. I’ll be seeing a lot of this kitten and her playground- I’ll be placing them by my laptop so I can look over every time I need a cuteness boost in my life.




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