LEGO Friends: Stephanie’s Pizzeria (Toy Review)

Hey all! Today I’ve got another toy review for you because I do LOVE toys. And it’s the LEGO Friends: Stephanie’s Pizzeria set. I saw it at the toy store and I knew I had to have it. The reason? It made me nostalgic. When I was little, they didn’t have LEGO Friends yet, but the LEGO group did have a similar line (aka also targeted to little girls) back in the 90’s – early 2000’s called LEGO Belville. I’d see these a lot, and I badly did want one; however, they were expensive and money was tight. The LEGO group ended their Belville line in 2008 and have now moved on to the Friends line (2012).

So this here, right here- is me living my childhood fantasies. I swear, LEGO Friends is the type of toy I would have begged my parents to get me as a little kid. I can imagine a hundred things I would’ve done just so my parents would get me a set. *insert laugh* But now that I have some money of my own, *insert another laugh* I have a chance to buy what I want as long as it is within my means.


Basic Information
LEGO Friends: Stephanie’s Pizzeria (41092)
87 Pieces
Released 2015

Here’s what the box looks like. It’s sparkly and very purpley. From the first look, you can tell it’s still quite a small set. However, it has a couple more elements than the previous set I purchased, so this should be interesting.

Stephanie's Pizzeria
Stephanie’s Pizzeria Box (Front View)
So many possibilities for play!
So many possibilities for play!

The box has a tab on the back that you push to open. From there, you sort of just pull the flap and it opens up nice and easy from that.

Easy-to-open Box
See? Piece of cake

Here’s what it looks like inside the box:

The set comes with two plastic bags-worth of bricks
The set comes with two plastic bags-worth of pieces + an instruction manual
Getting ready to build!
Getting ready to build!

So that’s all the building photos. Let’s now proceed to the elements.

Stephanie mini-doll
Stephanie mini-doll

I thought we’d start off with the Stephanie mini-doll. This is the first mini-doll I’ve had the privilege to own and I have to say I’m happy with it. Turns out, she’s not that different from regular minifigs after all. However, here are some unique traits that mini-dolls possess:

– rubber hair (with holes to place in ribbons and other accessories from the other LEGO Friends sets)
– wrists don’t rotate
– legs don’t move individually
– small neck (so you can’t interchange minifigs’ heads with them)
– different torso piece that’s incompatible with other LEGO parts

Plus, a burning question that’s been in my mind: Will a regular minifig’s hair piece fit a mini-doll?

With a regular minifig hair piece
Stephanie wearing regular minifig hair piece (not included in the set)

And the answer is YES! Above is a photo of Stephanie wearing Wyldstyle‘s hair. It fits perfectly.

Heads Up: Mini-doll vs Minifig
Heads Up: Mini-doll vs Minifig

See? They’ve got the same connectable top part. It would be fun to mix and match if you own other minifigs.

Size comparison: LEGO Friends Animal
Size comparison: LEGO Friends Animal

Above is a size comparison with a LEGO Friends cat.

Size Comparison: Reular LEGO Minifig
Size Comparison: Regular LEGO Minifig

Unlike the Belville line, the LEGO Friends mini-dolls aren’t very far in height from regular minifigs (roughly 5mm).

Now let us proceed to the background elements in the set.

Can I take your order?
The Counter (Front-view)

First off, we have the counter where customers can place in an order. The set also comes with some LEGO money to make the purchases realistic. Stephanie has some space behind the counter for her to stand in place. She’ll be happy to take your order. Hmmm… Some margarita pizza would be nice. 

Overall, the design for this is spot-on. I really like the use of the pink and white pieces for the awning. They add color. I’m also really digging the brown brick-like pieces that serve as walls. I might find a use for them in the future.

The Counter (Back-view)
The Counter (Back-view)

At the back, it’s just a small space. But it does have a little phone where Stephanie can take delivery orders. You can also snap it back to the wall when not in use.

The Brick Oven
The Brick Oven

The brick oven is a good place to bake some pizzas. This whole set comes with 3 pizzas (including the decorative pizza piece in the counter) that you can happily serve your customers. The brick oven also comes with an oar piece (that you attach to the side when not in use) to help you get the hot pizzas out. It’s a small structure, but it serves its purpose.

Dining Area
Dining Area (with Pizza, Glasses, Water Bottle, and a Salad Bowl)

There’s a small dining area: two chairs and one table with a bunch of food. It has just enough space to sit two mini-dolls comfortably. I think the LEGO group did an awesome job with the elements on the table. It’s creative how they put together that cute water bottle.

Delivery Scooter (with a pink helmet!)
Delivery Scooter (with a pink helmet!)

Here is the delivery scooter. It’s a red Vespa that has a white box in the back to store the pizza (you place the pizza as is- no special container there) as Stephanie rides along to make deliveries. There is a gray stand in the bottom that you can flip up when you want to move the scooter. Also, the scooter comes with a pink helmet too (it fits regular LEGO minifigs). The glass piece in the helmet doesn’t fully close to cover the eyes though- the most it can do is how you see it in the photo.

And when you put all those elements together, you get:

The full set
The full set

Overall, I am very happy with this set. I may have underestimated it a little in the toy store, but I assure you, it has a lot of play value. There are so many possibilities with this set. You can add in other mini-dolls to act as customers or connect the existing pieces to bigger sets. Personally, I found myself playing with the whole set the first time I formed the pieces together. It’s fun making Stephanie take calls, pop the pizza in the oven, and ride away to make deliveries. I do wish there were more mini-dolls in the set though- there’s so much for Stephanie to do! But then again, it would be more expensive that way.

Also, it’s a big plus that it was very easy to open all of this. No need for scissors at all! The plastic bags that stored the pieces were easy to pop open. Heck, even the smaller ones (that stored the mini-doll pieces) had little dotted lines that you could open with a single tear.

Highly recommended! I hope to purchase more sets in the LEGO Friends line soon. My inner child is very, very pleased.


Kaela is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer who draws inspiration from her quirks, childhood nostalgia, and pop/sub-culture.

2 thoughts on “LEGO Friends: Stephanie’s Pizzeria (Toy Review)

  1. Awwww, what an absolutely adorable set! I had never seen the Friends line before and I really like how the character looks. It would be fun to have another Friend there as a customer or whatever. 😀

    I am glad to hear that you liked it! 😀

    1. @KYA: Yes! LEGO Friends is something that pleased my inner child. 🙂

      It’s a shame this set only came with one doll. Would love to pick another set up just so I can make the Friends mingle. XD

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