My Favorite Things: January 2016

January was a sort-of “trial month” for me. You can view my recap here or proceed to read My Favorite Things by directing your focus below.


HBO Girls


I spent January bing-watching HBO’s Girls! In fact, I finished Seasons 2-4 that same month and I am obsessed with the show. I love its realistic portrayal of a  twenty-something millennial’s life. Every time I watch the show, I feel like I’m watching real life. And I have to say that the characters are one of the show’s strongest points because they’re so real. They make a lot of mistakes and they’re very flawed- many of them often have a tendency to be self-absorbed and lazy as many twenty-something millennials are often labeled as. They’ve also each got their own brand of quirkiness. My favorite characters would have to be self-absorbed Hannah, eccentric Adam, and naive Shoshanna.

I can’t wait for Season 5 this month!


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My Favorite Things: November 2015

Here are My Favorite Things from the busy month of November.


The Lunar Chronicles


I finally finished Cress (3rd book) and Fairest (companion book) this month! I also got to start on Winter. I know I talk about this book series a lot but it’s just soooo good! It’s one book I recommend picking up if you’re in a reading slump or if plain and simple you want to get into reading. It’s a fast-paced page-turner.

Once I finish Winter, I hope to make a separate blog post to talk more about this book series.


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My Favorite Things: October 2015

October was a month of fun and family! Some relatives spent their vacation with us and we got to bond a lot. This has been one of the most fun months I’ve had this year and I’ll tell you why through this post of My Favorite Things. (Also, congratulations to the link-up for the one-year anniversary!)


A Whole New World reunion

Lea Salonga and Brad Kane reunite and sing A Whole New World after 23 years! I can’t even explain how happy this video makes me feel. I’ve played it so many times over the month of October. Their voices are still so magical and as a Disney fan, I feel like a little kid again every time I listen to it.



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My Favorite Things: September 2015

September was pretty much a down month for me. The weather has been terrible: insanely humid during the day and very rainy and stormy during the late afternoon/night. Such strong rains even affected the internet connections in our area during certain times of the night, regardless of what provider we were using. It was really a downer.

However, despite those negative happenings, I did still enjoy some very fun bits of September! I had a lot of time spent with family and friends and that made up for the really bad weather. Here’s a highlight post of all My Favorite Things from the month of September.


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