Timeless Thoughts: Santa Claus

For Timeless Thoughts this month, I thought I’d focus on something Christmas-related. Here goes:


I have a confession: I never believed in Santa Claus. Ever.


My parents are realistic people. From the start they wanted us kids to already be familiar with the difference between what was real and what was fantasy. By age 5, I was already knew those characters in Disneyland were people in costumes. By age 6, I already knew babies came from mommies- not storks. And for as long as I could remember, I already knew Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy didn’t exist (though I did still leave any loose baby teeth under my pillow because I knew my parents would leave me money).




I remember this one Christmas when I was around 6. My Uncle dressed up as Santa Claus to surprise me and my cousins. Before my Uncle approached us, my nanny pointed to the sky and said she saw reindeer but of course I didn’t believe her. Santa wasn’t real. Then my Uncle appeared in his Santa outfit and asked us kids to sing some Christmas carols while he handed out some gifts. My cousins and I knew he was a fake Santa but the whole experience is still a fond memory and one I remember clearly to this day. In fact, Christmas, in general, is still my favorite holiday to this day.

If you think this not-believing-in-Santa is some sort of innocence lost early, it’s not. It did not affect my childhood whatsoever. I still read and enjoyed fairytales, played pretend, spent hours daydreaming, and went on little adventures with my neighbors outside. In fact, I had and still very much have a wild imagination. The only difference was I knew that fantasy was just that: not real.

A lot of people can’t seem to grasp this upbringing but I am personally for it. I like to think I ended up fine.



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5 thoughts on “Timeless Thoughts: Santa Claus

  1. I believed in Santa Claus and all the other kid stuff, but mostly because I wanted them to be real. Even now I wished magic were real, wished Hogwarts was a real place, and so forth so on XD I mean, I could separate reality from fantasy just fine, but my imagination consisted of pretending that those things were real and I’d be a Mary Sue like participant in them, haha!

    I think it’s good that you were told the truth, and yet you were still able to imagine like children do. I personally think children should be told the truth of these stuff because it seems to help with their development and such, but that’s me going on about my job, hahaha!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your memories! It sounded like you had a blast despite knowing that the Santa was fake and all 😀

  2. I find it really interesting to hear about how different traditions effect different people. I can’t really remember believing in santa, in fact I am pretty sure I knew it was my parents. My dad dressed up as santa for a community event once and I started laughing because I knew it was him right away. I can remember once though, when my mum really tricked me. When I lost a tooth, she wrote a note that was supposedly from the tooth fairy and she used nail polish as the footprints. I think it’s the only time I can remember being really convinced, but eventually worked it out haha.

    It has obviously in no way been a bad thing because you are an extremely creative person. Sometimes it can be really good to teach kids to see the truth in what is around them, but still empower them to use their imagination. I think it allows them to imagine in a ‘real world’. But everyone has different opinions and it’s good that we are able to make that decision and have a unique approach.
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  3. I’m not even sure when I stopped believing. I don’t recall it being traumatic like they always claim it is.

    I don’t really see a big issue if you believe or don’t. Its just one of those small childhood things. And you seem super creative regardless! XD
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  4. This is such an interesting read! I personally wish my parents told me that he wasn’t real instead of getting my hopes and dreams destroyed when someone at school told me he wasn’t real and that its actually my parents. So I found out that way and through one Christmas seeing my mom stress over wrapping paper! When I confronted them, they said that its bad for me to think that way so we tell my brother he’s real even though its the worse thing to do I think xD
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  5. I never really believed in Santa either. I don’t plan to tell my future children, in the future about Santa. It’s better to believe in real people and not imagination. OF course, I’ll tell them about the tale of Santa Claus, but for the reality of it, it’s like lying to kids.

    I’m glad you still turned out good and had a blast regardless.
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