Timeless Thoughts: Top 10 Non-Disney Songs

I know most of us grew up with Disney. I sure did; the Disney Renaissance was a great time to be a kid. But we can’t ignore how because of Disney’s rise, there were other animated studios spawning movies of their own. And they had some good songs too.

In this Timeless Thoughts entry, I’ll be talking about my favorite songs featuring some of those non-Disney movies I remember watching as a kid.

The list is only limited to movies of the following criteria: must be animated, must be a non-Disney movie to have been released during Disney’s Renaissance Period, and the song/s must come from a movie I watched as a child.


Here’s my Top 10 Favorite Non-Disney songs, in no order:


1. This is My Idea – Swan Princess (1994)

I’ll kick off this list with some Swan Princess. I had a VHS of the first movie and I liked it a lot as a pre-schooler. This song featured an opening sequence showing Odette and Derek growing up. It was my favorite scene in the whole movie!


2. Once Upon a December – Anastasia (1997)

Honestly, Anastasia‘s songs weren’t very memorable for me growing up even if I did like the movie. This is the song I remember most though because of its haunting melody and because it features Anya’s recollection of her past. I always feel like I’m in a dream when I listen to it.


3. Let Me Be Your Wings – Thumbelina (1994)

I have to clarify first that Thumbelina was just one of those movies I disliked as a kid. I was never crazy over it. But this song, you guys. It’s soooo beautiful and it makes me want to melt into a little puddle. Also, how magical was Thumbelina and Cornelius’s flying sequence?!


4. On My Father’s Wings – Quest For Camelot (1998)

Kayley was one of my favorite animated heroines growing up and this was her solo song in the movie. It starts off heartbreakingly sad and cold but as the song progresses, ends up being full of hope. It’s just beautiful. It also shows Kayley’s strength and drive despite enduring tragic events, and that’s one of the reasons I looked up to her when I was little.


5. Miracle Child – Joseph: King Of Dreams (2000)

This is my most-played song from the movie. I like it because this group song is what opens the movie and establishes the story. We get to see what that familiar story of Joseph from the Bible- with his parents’ favoritism, brothers’ envy, and his famous colorful coat. My favorite part is when Joseph sings. I love when songs in animated movies have end with a show-stopping belt and Joseph shows that in his solo.


6. When You Believe – Prince of Egypt (1998)

Prince of Egypt is a musical with gorgeous animation and epic song numbers. This is just one of those epic songs. When You Believe was memorable to me because we sang it in school when I was 12. I still memorize the Hebrew part!

It’s a song that was filled with so much hope and the scene to match was beautiful. With the Israelites coming together hand-in-hand as they journey to their promised land.


7. Better Than I – Joseph: King of Dreams (2000)

This is a beautiful praise song with a gorgeous melody and powerful lyrics. It has this timeless message of keeping one’s faith in God despite undergoing trials and tough times. There is a greater purpose for everything after all. It’s one those songs to listen to when you’re down and don’t understand why events are occurring as they are. 


8. The Prayer – Quest For Camelot (1998)

Let’s face it, everyone knows Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion’s rendition of the song. You have to be hiding under a rock to not have heard this song at least once in your life. But what many people don’t know is that this song was first heard in Quest For Camelot. It even won a 1999 Golden Globe for Best Original Song for that movie.

Its scene in the movie features Kayley’s mother, Juliana saying a prayer for safety as her daughter flees to warn King Arthur. I found the scene to be one of the most memorable parts of the movie.


9. Far Longer Than Forever – Swan Princess (1994)

This is the movie’s love ballad and it sounds like something straight from a Disney movie. The orchestrations and the duet make it a truly magical tune- one that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear in a wedding. Plus, Derek’s buttery singing voice should be enough reason to have the song on replay.


10.  Journey To The Past – Anastasia (1997)

This is my most favorite song from Anastasia! It’s one of those tunes that when the music starts playing, you immediately know it’s this song. The song is about small-town girl Anya’s longing to uncover her past. It starts off sweet and catchy in a small snowy town and ends in a powerful belt that pans up to reveal the big city. (Remember how much I love show-stopping belts?) A truly memorable scene with an amazing song.


Did you grow up with these movies too? What are your favorite non-Disney songs?


Kaela is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer who draws inspiration from her quirks, childhood nostalgia, and pop/sub-culture. www.KaelaAnte.com

5 thoughts on “Timeless Thoughts: Top 10 Non-Disney Songs

  1. I love Once Upon a December. I didn’t watch Anastasia when I was a kid. I watched it a few years ago, and I found myself really loving that song!

    Quest for Camelot LOL I saw that, but now that’s not what I’d want to watch ^^;

    I love all the Prince of Egypt songs.

    Some of my favourite non-Disney songs are:

    – If We Hold on Together from Land Before Time
    – Somewhere Out There from An American Tail
    – All the songs from The Chipmunk Adventure
    – And the songs from Babar the Movie

    Ahhhh. You’re taking me back, girl!

    1. Land Before Time yesss 🙂 Also, that song from American Tail was one of my honorable mentions!

      It’s honestly so hard to put together just 10 songs! hahaha… Glad I was able to bring back some memories. 🙂 I haven’t seen Quest For Camelot in ages so I don’t know what I would think of the movie now. lol

      This blog entry has been on my mind for so long and I’m glad I finally got down to posting about it. I now feel the need to re-watch these movies because I haven’t seen most of them in a long time. I don’t know what I’ll think of them, but I hope they bring back some good memories.

  2. Ah, I remember Swan Princess. And now I want to watch it. I don’t remember much of it now though. Same with Thumbelina. I remember seeing stuff for Anastasia around. In fact we had some of the toys from either Burger King or McDonalds. Don’t remember who had em. But never did see that.

    Goes to show there are a lot of awesome animated non-disney stuff!
    Maroon Caludin recently posted…Some fun shopping!

  3. Most of Don Bluth’s movies have amazing soundtracks. I Thumbelina and Anastasia being my favorites!

    Swan Princess also had great songs; just the first one, though. They made too many sequels after that one and they were never as good as the first one. XD I’m too critical. These are all movies I watched over and over as a child. Good memories.
    Kimmy recently posted…New Job: Details and Last Days

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