A Second Chance

So it’s been a year since I got dengue.

I got confined- my first time ever, and it was a scary time. For those who don’t know, dengue is an illness that is acquired through a mosquito a bite. The illness comes in different levels ranging from mild to high dengue and it can be fatal. I’m not sure what type I had but it was pretty bad.

It was a time of firsts:

  • First time to get dengue (because sadly, dengue is popular in tropical places like where I’m from)
  • First time to get confined
  • First time to have an IV on me
  • First time to get 10+ injections in under a week (and I am terrified of needles)
  • First time to miss a contest I’ve been waiting a year to join


To read about my full experience with dengue, please click here.

(Excuse my tired eyes though. I was pretty sick.)


Here’s how dengue affects an individual: it starts off with a high fever and a big feeling of tiredness. It’s sort of like the flu but worse. The muscles also start to feel pain, that heavy feeling of having a day’s worth of exercising and doing physical work but really, you’ve just been in bed the whole day. Personally, I had a lot of annoying backaches. (They don’t call dengue breakbone fever for nothing.) Then rashes may or may not appear. It depends. But dengue always affects the blood and it is crucial to have a platelet-check during one’s whole duration of the illness.


Have questions on dengue? Read this FAQ I put up.


Now that it’s been a year and I’m just really happy I’m alive. I didn’t want to think about it but at some point, a little part of me thought I was nearing the end of the road. Thank God that wasn’t the case. My platelet count dropped massively. The normal count should be at somewhere around 150 to 240, but mine had reached 60 and was still expected to go lower. Anyone with that platelet count and lower is very prone to bleeding. And bleeding is very dangerous; I know someone who passed away from that. But thankfully, my count stopped at that number and miraculously started soaring up the next few days thanks to prayers and continued intake of alternative medicine my mom’s friend recommended. I guess God knew I had to heal up fast because He still has good things waiting for me in the future!

My parents and I like to refer to this life I have now as a Second Chance. Because really, anything could’ve happened March last year. But nothing did. And I’m here right now blessed and healthy, typing this little post. Even if life isn’t perfect now, all is still well.



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4 thoughts on “A Second Chance

  1. Wow, that’s scary. I’ve read about dengue fever and it sure can be very serious, but I didn’t know about how it affects the platelets. Is there no treatment other than supportive care?

    1. One doesn’t have to be admitted to the hospital for dengue if it isn’t severe, but getting a Complete Blood Count is a must. There isn’t a direct treatment for the illness, but it can be fought by boosting up your immune system and drinking a lot of liquids (because someone w/ dengue is prone to dehydration too). To help combat the fever, I took some Paracetamol.

      I listed all the things I took- including fruits/veggies that helped me fight my dengue here. 🙂

  2. Dengue fever is frightening 🙁 You and me, both had bad experiences. I know, I could have died from my car accident this last December but didn’t, and you could have if the fever hurt anymore. I’m glad you’re still with us. I don’t think I’m brave enough to read your account, because mosquitoes are horrible insects and really help no one.
    Michelle recently posted…Reality’s Kingdom

    1. Oh, right! I remember you posting about that! 🙁 Oh gosh, I’m so glad nothing extreme happened to you and you’re okay now. I guess we both got Second Chances.

      Thank you! Dengue was horrible. Thank God nothing happened to my brothers and I!

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