Break Time

So as some of you may know, I graduated college recently… And I’m now at that dreaded period in life post-college and pre-work.



It’s hard because at this age, you’re still figuring things out. You’re still very young and you don’t know where you’re gonna go and what path to take. I guess I can speak for most others when I say there’s a lot of pressure in that. I still have that mindset that the Real World is some scary place where you’re expected to have grown up already- that blending in with adults should come normally. And from a socially awkward person’s perspective that just adds to the scariness.

I’ve heard that this is just a normal phase though. And I do hope that’s true- I wouldn’t one of my biggest fears to come true: ending up in a 9-to-5 job I hate.

So what am I doing about these fears right now? I’m taking a much-needed break first. I feel like college drained the life out of me so I’m taking the time to chill and enjoy the little things about life.

Aside from a few local vacation trips (like the recent one in Cebu I went to- this will be a future blog post), I’ve been binge-watching some Disney shows like Girl Meets World and Lab Rats with my younger brother- some very entertaining sitcoms where you don’t have to use your brain much (plus a good laugh is sometimes all we need). I’ve also been doing a lot of self-analysis and emotional-preparation. I feel like I lost a small part of me in college trying to make the grade and please people. So now I’m taking this time to rediscover myself while adding the lessons I’ve picked up in college. I want to be a better person with a better outlook on life.

Also, I have to start learning how to face my fears of the future. I tend to have this battle within me a lot of times. This song describes it.


As Sumo Cyco frontwoman Sever says about this song:

“I had to shut up all those demons in my mind telling me that I couldn’t do something or what was expect of me. And I just had to believe in myself and realize that the only person stopping me from doing what I want to do is myself. As I like to say: The greatest war you’ll ever wage is the war within yourself.”

I hope to be victorious in this inner battle as well. And in time, I hope to have the guts to take on the world.


I feel all right, I’m gonna take on the world
Light up the stars, I’ve got some pages to turn
I’ve got a ticket to the top of the sky
I’m comin’ up, I’m on the ride of my life

That’s thinking a bit ahead. For now though, I’ll enjoy what will be left of my much-needed break. Wish me luck!



Kaela is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer who draws inspiration from her quirks, childhood nostalgia, and pop/sub-culture.

4 thoughts on “Break Time

  1. I hope the break rejuvenates you. If it helps, sometimes it takes a while to know what you’re going to do and sometimes you never end up being a grown up which I think is best 😀 although I do pay bills and things I also do things like eat icecream for dinner because adulting is pretty fun 🙂
    Sarah recently posted…Review: Tupelo Coffee Co, Civic

  2. I hope the break treats you well 🙂 My post-college days was spent working, so I didn’t really have a “break”, Even after I finish postgraduate school, I didn’t get a break.

    Do take the time to explore yourself. I just hope you don’t go through the quarter-life crisis like I did when I was about 24-27. That wasn’t fun at all!

    Have fun breaking!
    Tara recently posted…My Newest Cousin

  3. I hope that the time during your break can really help you to pick up that part of yourself that you felt your lost and that you might have a deeper understanding of where you want to head in the future, and be really comfortable with that decision.
    Kya recently posted…30 Day Creative Challenge

  4. I’m exactly where you are, too! Freshly graduates with a lot of fears I know are very unrealistic. I really think the break is important with each passing day. I’ve had friends who hit the ground running after graduating that they would’ve liked this break we are getting so all the more reason to cherish it, I guess!

    Personally, I thought I knew what I wanted and where I wanted to go, but this point in my life is showing me otherwise.

    I hope everything works out and becomes inspirational. ^^

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