Fire Nation Hoodie (Review)

Sorry for the delay, all. I was gonna post this review sooner but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. 

When I heard that there were going to be Avatar hoodies, I knew I had to get my hands on one. And I got that chance last month when my very nice cousin purchased this awesome Fire Nation hoodie from Authority Hoodie as a graduation gift for me.

The design of the hoodie was inspired by Fire Nation armor.

The Fire Nation's Prince Zuko and Princess Azula in armor
The Fire Nation’s Prince Zuko and Princess Azula in armor

Here is what the hoodie looks like:

Front view
Front view

At first glance, the hoodie looked so much different in person than I had seen it online. For one thing, it looked a lot more casual than I expected. And I think that’s a good thing in a way too, so I can freely wear this wherever I want.

So I tried it on. For some reason, I was expecting a stiffer, rougher material because it looked that way in the promotional photos. But the hoodie turned out to be SUPER soft and smooth with a breathable type of material. The whole thing was basically a varsity jacket with a hood. And a quality one at that; it’s well made.


Here’s what it looks like up close. The design is a more casual take on the armor’s breastplate with gold lines for the details. It comes with pockets too so you can keep your phone or wallet with you.

The colors meanwhile match the scheme of the actual Fire Nation armor.

Back view
Back view

The back is basically an extension of the breastplate design.

One thing I LOVE about this hoodie is the hood itself. It’s really big; not like those hoods that fit snug on your head. And that’s a good thing because they were trying to replicate Zuko’s hooded look in Book 3.

Zuko rocking his hood
Zuko rocking his hood
Trip to the Mall- Fire Nation style!
Trip to the Mall- Fire Nation style!

I got a size Small but the hoodie still ended up being quite big on me. (For your reference: I am a Size S in shirts and a US Size 4-6 in swimwear)

You’ll also notice that the fit on me is also “puffy”. However, if you stretch it a bit (and assuming it stays that way the whole day), it looks like this:

Casual Azula
Casual Azula

Overall, I would recommend this hoodie. For the reasonable price of Php 1200 (or roughly 27 USD), I’d say this is quite a steal! Especially considering the quality and the fact that it is super comfy. It’s the perfect thing to wear in cool weather or in malls (for people who live in hot places like me). They offer international shipping too! Prices vary depending on your location.

I just wish they came in Female/Smaller sizes. (Why do they look so small in the promotional photos? *Sigh*) My brother who is a Size M in Male clothes tried on this Fire Nation hoodie and it fit him perfectly.

NOTE: Zuko’s honor not included.


Be sure to check out the other hoodies in Authority Hoodie‘s Avatar line. They have all Four Nations!

Earth, Fire, Water, Air

Personally, I’d love to get my hands on the Beifong one too if it came in a much smaller size.

If you decide to purchase from Authority Hoodie, be sure to let them know that Kaela from Girl with the Pink Docs brought you there.


Kaela is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer who draws inspiration from her quirks, childhood nostalgia, and pop/sub-culture.

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  1. Omg, this is so awesome! Love your Azula look, haha. I love how people who knows A:TLA will be fangirling over it and other people probably will think of it as a casual hoodie. And it is definitely my favourite out of the four hoodies.

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