How to Get your Motivation Back: For Artists

Ever feel stuck? Like whatever you do, you just can’t make some art like you used to. We’ve all felt that so you don’t have to go banging your head on the wall. You are not a loser, you just need to get your drive back-  and it’s very possible to do so.




To help, I made this short list based on what things have helped me.

A few months ago, I was in a very low period in my life- it seemed I lost interest in all things and whatever I’d do, I just couldn’t get myself to do art. I felt very down and stale. But fast-forward to today… Those down days are way behind me. These past couple of weeks, I’ve been in my highest point of motivation and have managed to get a lot of art done. I also ended up conducting two art playdates with some friends. So that’s proof that getting your motivation is back is possible. I’ve experienced it firsthand.

So let’s proceed to the list now, shall we?


1. Make a Move.

Before anything else, make some sort of movement. You might just be in a state of inertia. Clean your room, exercise, go for a jog, etc. It’ll help shift your energy.


2. Check out other artists and find people you look up to.

Seek inspiration from other artists. There are many of them online and many have art blogs and YouTube channels. Take some time observing their work and their process as well. Take advantage of what the Internet has to offer. Model your art career after these artists. See what these people did to overcome their art block.


3. Travel

If you have the luxury, do this. It doesn’t have to big trip- just some location where it’s a change of scenery. Traveling will open up your mind to many new experiences and you’ll come out a different person after.

I went on a few trips these past few months, and they made me see my country and the world as a whole in a different light. I came back refreshed and more pumped up to tackle life.


Mt. Kiltepan(photo by: Gianco Ante)
Mt. Kiltepan, Sagada
(Photo Credit: Gianco)


4. Try out a different medium.

One of my favorite artists is a watercolor illustrator. One afternoon, after spending the previous day looking up her works, I decided to give watercolor a try. What started out as simple trying led me to buying a new set of paints and brushes, and eventually led to watercolor painting being a de-stressifying hobby.

Taking on another medium means doing something different. It’s a change from what you’re normally used to so it’s refreshing that way. Think of it as getting into another hobby, except that said hobby still falls under art. And hey, you’ll never know. You might discover a little more about yourself and your personal art-making process along the way. You’ll learn a lot and these learnings may likely end up fuelling your passion for art all the more.


Experimenting with watercolor...
Experimenting with watercolor…


5. Get inspiration from the things around you. 

Even doing simple things like taking a walk and going people-watching may help. Look at your current surroundings and look at the beauty in both the good features and the flaws. Appreciate life for what it is. Take time to live in the moment. And make sure you keep an art journal or a sketchpad with you. You’ll never know, you might just get your next artwork inspiration from there.


6. Surround yourself with fellow artists.

If you have friends who are artists, hold a little art session with them. Think of the session as an art playdate where mistakes are allowed and no competition between anyone will be tolerated. Make it fun, free, and light. You can doodle on the back your notebook or splatter some paint around. The result isn’t what’s important here, it’s the process that is.

Fuel each other up. Motivation is contagious.


Weapons of Mass Creation(Photo Credit: Pearl)
From my Art Session #1 with Friends
(Photo Credit: Pearl)


7. And lastly… Sometimes all you need is a little break.

Sleep. Have a relaxing massage. Go do fun stuff with friends. Do things you’ve never done before. Sometimes it may take a while for your motivation to get back so… if you’ve got a day job or if you’re still in school, go focus on that in the meantime.


Note: I have to let you know that what’s in here is not the ultimate foolproof answer. The most important thing for you is to want this change. When you want something, you will yourself to take action. Nothing will happen if you sit around moping and waiting for an answer. That’s something I learned from that stale period in my life.

And believe that you will break free from this art-block/lack of motivation.






Kaela is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer who draws inspiration from her quirks, childhood nostalgia, and pop/sub-culture.

7 thoughts on “How to Get your Motivation Back: For Artists

  1. I used to write stories, heavily in my youth, but due to my mental illness, I sort of got bogged down, but I know I will definitely try these things, because I was very good at my art. I just miss it and I wanted to get it back. I want to reclaim my life little by little.
    Michelle recently posted…Surprised Heavenly Treats

    1. Awww… Michelle. I’d love to see some of your written work. Do put them up on your blog!

      We may have not gone through the same situation but I do know what it feels like to have reached an extremely low point. I was very down for a couple of months and whatever I did, I just could not get myself to do anything. But I’m glad I survived this period and I hope you conquer your situation too!

      And as I wise person once said, it’s never too late to reinvent yourself. 🙂

  2. Great tips! Also, it is always best to be confident. Two thumbs up for this post 🙂
    I’d love it if you also check min :

  3. I love LOVE this list because I get stuck all of the time and just don’t know what to do. I’m always so self-conscious too so I’m often afraid to try new things because I need perfection.

    Thanks so much for this!
    Joy recently posted…Summer 2015

    1. That’s so true. I feel that way a lot of times.

      But I’ve learned recently that if you keep doing that, you’ll never be able to accomplish anything.

      Thanks for stopping by and I’m so happy this list helped you! 🙂

  4. This is so awesome. The ideas/points are so valid and such great things to do and remember. It’s also so wonderful that you have been able to get motivated again and it seems like you are in a better place now, which is really really good.

    Your picture where you are experimenting with watercolour looks so amazing, I really adore that!
    Kya recently posted…Mental Health Plan

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