Katipunan Art Festival

A few friends and I attended the Katipunan Art Festival. It was one-day event with art booths, activities, and live art from local young artists. And they all took place in this small street behind the busy Katipunan road which is full of quaint artsy places.

And of course, I wore my pink Docs.




Before the festival, we had lunch at this cool place called Brickfire. They had big portions but with very affordable prices to cater to university students in the area. I had this really delicious tender steak (with white rice and corn & carrots on the side) and it was roughly 3.75 USD.


During the festival…





And here are more photos courtesy of my photographer friend, Kat.









My mini haul for the day: a bottlecap necklace, pink washi tape, a Micron 0.4 fineliner pen, and some zinc white Nicker Gouache (Studio Ghibli uses this brand).




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