Miscellaneous iPad Art

Here are some artworks I made in my iPad over these past few years. I have a few of these up as prints and merchandise at my online shop.

(They were all taken from my old Tumblr.)


Kirrily and Pepper


The Days of Dreams feat. Zena Leroux

Of Florals and Springtime


Unconscious Query


Look over there


Introverted Princess


Smirking Your Way


That Electric Feeling


The Mermaid


Unconscious Words


Be Different!


“Here’s looking at you, kid.”



I’m on a hiatus from making iPad artworks at the moment though because I lost stylus. *insert crying* Guess I gotta save up for a new one first.

Currently, I do have a few iPad art prints and merch up at my online shop that you might want to check out. Click below to shop!



Kaela is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer who draws inspiration from her quirks, childhood nostalgia, and pop/sub-culture. www.KaelaAnte.com

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