My Favorite Things: July 2015

Happy August! Here are My Favorite Things from the month of July.


Mindanao Trip 2015

View from our room
View from our room at Dahilayan, Bukidnon

I had a chance to go on a short trip to Mindanao and it was a fun experience! The stay at Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon was one of my highlights! Read about my whole experience through my blog entry.


Sakura Koi Watercolor Set

Sakura Koi 24-Watercolor Set

I gained a new obsession last month: watercolor painting! (To think, I used to hate it.) Since what started out as a little art experiment ended up growing to be a hobby, I decided it was time to buy a new set of watercolors to upgrade from my old ones. And now I can say that I’m so happy I purchased this Sakura Koi 24-color set! It’s…

  • Uber-portable – Check out that water brush, it eliminates the need for bringing water
  • Has very pigmented colors – The closest you can get to artist-grade watercolors while staying on the higher end side of student-grade
  • The most adorable watercolor set on the planet – Look at the whole palette! Look at it. It’s eye-candy with functionality!

I’ve made a few things with this set that I hope to put up soon! You can check out those works on my Instagram in the meantime. You can also check out my entry on a recent art session I had with friends.


Paper Towns and Ant-Man

Paper Towns / Ant-Man

I’m putting these two together because I watched them in cinemas back-to-back.

Paper Towns is one of my favorite John Green books so I was one of those geeks that was stalking the whole process of the movie. And now that I have seen it… I have to say, even if they did change a lot of things, I still enjoyed the movie a lot! Everyone knows the book will always be better so I didn’t have very high expectations for the movie version from the start. A huge mention to the stellar performances of these three boys: Natt Wolf (Quentin), Justice Smith (Radar), and Austin Abrams (Ben)- those three were perfectly cast.

As for Ant-Man, I did not know anything about it to begin with so I had low expectations. After seeing it, I came out of the theater with a smile. It’s now one of my favorite movies from the MCU. I’m now even more excited for Civil War next year. MCU Phase 3, here we come!


Rapunzel Funko Pop

Disney's Tangled: Rapunzel + Pascal
Disney’s Tangled: Rapunzel + Pascal

Rapunzel is my favorite Disney Princess so it was a joy to see her in Funko Pop! form. Finally, right? Took Funko some dang time. But I’m glad they sort of made up for it by releasing Rapunzel two months earlier. Check out my Rapunzel Toy Review here.



Kaela is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer who draws inspiration from her quirks, childhood nostalgia, and pop/sub-culture.

18 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: July 2015

  1. Watercolour is something I want to get into – I want to get better at it. I haven’t been too happy with my latest pieces. Maybe it’s the paper or “student quality” paint I’m using. Did you ever find yourself not satisfied with the pictures you were creating? Also, how do you make it look “Watery”? Sometimes I get it, but then I don’t remember what I did exactly! And when I try it again, it doesn’t work.
    Louise recently posted…New Theme, and Pixel Art

    1. Do you use watercolor paper? It’s important that you do. 🙂 Preferably with a paper thickness of at least 200 gsm. Canson is a good brand. 😀

      For watercolors, make sure you aren’t using elementary school paints; they are different from student-grade.. Student-grade should be good- even some professionals choose to use them as artist-grade paints can be very expensive. Popular student-grade brands include Prang, Winsor & Newton Cottman, Reeves, and Sakura Koi. 🙂

      I recommend practicing by doing a value scale first. 🙂 It’ll help with your understanding of the water and color ratio. Watercolor painting is all about that balance. To make colors more transparent, simply add more water to your brush. And to make colors close to the opaque side, add more paint.

      Personally, I’m still learning the ropes too as using watercolor as a medium is something I’m still new with. The most experience I had were just summer workshops which frankly didn’t help too much. So I’m often not satisfied with my works. But hey, art is a learning process so my failures just continue to motivate me to practice some more.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

    1. Funko Pops are easy to take care of. 🙂 To keep them in the best quality possible, store them in the box and purchase a Pop Protector (available in most collector stores).

      Mindanao is one of the most overlooked tourist spots here in the Philippines. XD Go book a flight! I recommend checking out Cagayan De Oro. From white-water rafting (which I didn’t get to do yet!) to a stay at Dahilayan Park (where the country’s longest zipline is located), there’s so many things to do!

  2. Watercolors are something I like looking at and would love to try, but I’ve yet to take any action towards doing it. Sets with water brushes/pencils/pens appeal to me the most because they seem less messy and fussy. Yours looks great.

    Your Rapunzel doll is adorable. Sadly, I’ve never seen Tangled, so I don’t what she’s like as a Disney Princess.

    Midanao also looks like a gorgeous place to visit.
    Chantelle recently posted…My Favorite Things: August 2015

  3. Wow, this week has been crazy for me, I actually thought I already commented on your blog. 😛 I must of just read it and saved the tab open haha.

    I checked out your water colors, they’re so cool! I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. Your paintings are so beautiful!

    I haven’t watched Paper Towns yet, but it’s been recommended a few times! I’ll have to check it out! 🙂
    Jana recently posted…Just an update

  4. I tried watercolor painting a few months ago and it was a challenge for me! I’m used to charcoal and pencil, but even though my paintings weren’t that great, I had a lot of fun! I should start practicing again. I checked out your post on your art session. All your paintings look so good!
    Raisa recently posted…LG G4: All About My New Phone

    1. A lot of my friends/schoolmates use Prang. 🙂 (I went to art school)

      It’s funny how I never purchased that brand. I jumped from Reeves, the student-grade brand I’ve been using since highschool to a more high-end watercolor set (Sakura Koi). And I absolutely love Koi. It’s the closest I can get to professional-grade. I love the pigmentation of the colors! And most of them are lightfast as well!

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