My Favorite Things: September 2015

September was pretty much a down month for me. The weather has been terrible: insanely humid during the day and very rainy and stormy during the late afternoon/night. Such strong rains even affected the internet connections in our area during certain times of the night, regardless of what provider we were using. It was really a downer.

However, despite those negative happenings, I did still enjoy some very fun bits of September! I had a lot of time spent with family and friends and that made up for the really bad weather. Here’s a highlight post of all My Favorite Things from the month of September.


Singin’ In The Rain

This was one of the best things of September! I had a blast watching the International Tour Production of Singin’ In The Rain (yes, that movie where Gene Kelly tap-dances in the rain) with my mom and sister during their last show in Manila- and also their 100th in their tour around the world. It’s one of the biggest musical productions I’ve seen to date! Did I mention they used actual water for the rain scene? Read my entry about the show here.


Bonding with friends

After slaying zombies at the 5D Rider
After slaying zombies at the 5D Rider

I had a chance to hang out and bond with my college friends this September. In a gist I would summarize our weekly bonding times as: long conversations at Coffee Bean, window-shopping around the mall, and fun rides at the 5D Rider. But these bonding trips to the mall weren’t all fun and games; we’re working on an art collaboration that is set to be revealed very soon!


Maze Runner Cast

How can you not love this bunch? I really enjoyed the first Maze Runner movie but I had issues with Scorch Trials (it lacked a solid story and character development). However, that still doesn’t stop me from enjoying all the hilarious cast interviews on YouTube. There are literally so many and I wish I could post them all up here! My brother and I would spend whole Saturday afternoons just watching their funny cast interviews.

I also find it so cool that the cast members are close to my age- all only a little older than me. 90s babies are conquering Hollywood!


NIU by Vikings

Foie Gras on bread
Foie Gras on bread

My parents both celebrate their birthdays on September so we had a special joint-celebration, with just them and us kids, at NIU by Vikings. For those who don’t know, this buffet restaurant is quite pricey but it has a lot of very classy, hotel-quality dishes.

It was our first time to eat there and our jaws literally dropped at all the delicious food! There were sooo many and they were so classy. Imagine, all-you-can-eat angus steak, lamb, gelato, foie gras, wine, and many more! It was totally worth the expensive price.

The highlight of the dinner had to be the scrumptious foie gras! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Chef's Special of the Night: All-you-can-eat Beef Medallion with Foie Gras on top
Chef’s Special of the Night: All-you-can-eat Beef Medallion with Foie Gras on top
Chef's Dessert of the Night: All-you-can-eat Japanese Cheesecake
Chef’s Dessert of the Night: All-you-can-eat Japanese Cheesecake


Hope you are all having a lovely October so far! Here are some posts you should look out for in this blog soon. Subscribe / Follow me on Twitter to be the first to know when I put these up.

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8 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: September 2015

  1. Ahhh!! I love Singin’ in the Rain!!! <3 I would love to see a live production of that!

    The last musical I saw was Chicago and they did a really minimalistic interpretation that really featured their cast's talents. It was different but also really great! 😀
    Mara recently posted…My Favorite Things: October 2015

    1. And I need to see the Singin In the Rain movie as a whole! XD

      Ohhh… Chicago. They had a production of that over here recently but I missed it! D:

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