Oz Day 2015

Oscars Day 2015.

2014 to me was a year of movies. It was exciting to get to go to our local movie theater almost every month because there were just too many good flicks! I knew I had to see them right away. This is why I was so enthusiastic about this year’s Academy Awards.

Like I do (almost) every year, I woke up a little “early” today to watch the live broadcast- hair messy, eyes red, and still tired from last yesterday’s all-nighter. But hey, timezones don’t stop us non-Americans from tuning in.

And without spoiling anything, here’s what I thought of the said Awards show…


Was happy with some results, was not happy with some…


[ Full Winners list here ]

I always try to take note that the Academy Awards is not a measure of what films are the best of the year though. The winners won because they fought for it- both in the hardwork they put in their films and in their marketing strategies as well (because in the end, it’s mostly about popularity and audience appeal). Also, for those who don’t know: voters in the Academy don’t even have to watch the whole film to vote for their favorite.

I thought 2014 was an awesome year for movies so truth be told, not everyone could be included. In the end it all comes to down to picking one winner. Sadly.

However, I still enjoyed the ceremony. Here are a few of my favorite highlights.


My Favorite Oscar ’15 Performances:


The Opening Number:


“Everything is Awesome” Number (aka The LEGO Movie’s only spotlight moment):


My Favorite Speech Moments (Excerpts):

“When I was 16 years old, I tried to kill myself because I felt weird and I felt different and I felt I did not belong. And now I’m standing here I would like this moment to be for that kid out there who feels she’s weird or she’s different or she doesn’t fit in anywhere – yes, you do. I promise you do.

Stay weird, stay different and when it’s your turn, and you are standing on this stage, please pass the message on to the next person who comes along.” – Graham Moore, Best Adapted Screenplay – Imitation Game


“For someone to win, someone has to lose. But the paradox is that true art, true individual expression… can’t be compared.” – Alejandro González Iñáritu, Best Director – Birdman


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