Timeless Thoughts: Top 10 Non-Disney Songs

I know most of us grew up with Disney. I sure did; the Disney Renaissance was a great time to be a kid. But we can’t ignore how because of Disney’s rise, there were other animated studios spawning movies of their own. And they had some good songs too.

In this Timeless Thoughts entry, I’ll be talking about my favorite songs featuring some of those non-Disney movies I remember watching as a kid.

The list is only limited to movies of the following criteria: must be animated, must be a non-Disney movie to have been released during Disney’s Renaissance Period, and the song/s must come from a movie I watched as a child.



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Timeless Thoughts: American Idol

The American Idol Season 15 finale and supposed last-ever episode aired last week so I thought I’d talk about it for this month’s Timeless Thoughts. It made me quite emotional because I’ve been watching this show since I was in elementary school. It will feel strange not looking forward to a new season next January.

Though I wasn’t a completely loyal fan having missed a few seasons, I still got to experience the show in its peak. I was a constant visitor at VoteForTheWorst.com during its strongest years, was familiar with some fan terms and the whole WGWG thing when it started, and even managed to put up a fansite to support my favorite contestant: David Archuleta.

The show used to be such a staple in my household. We would gather as a family to watch. Yes, it would get suuuupper cheesy at times but that’s part of the fun of it!

I still remember being in elementary school and freaking out when I saw Jasmine Trias in a mall show. Though, not in person as my mom and I had to leave before her show started! That was the first of many memories to come from this show.


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Equestria Girls Happy Meal (Toy Review)

Hey all. Today I’m bringing back a popular section of this blog, Toy Reviews! For this post, I’ll be doing reviews of two dolls in the new My Little Pony Equestria Girls Happy Meal line!


Basic Information
My Little Pony Equestria Girls Happy Meal
Articulation Count: 1 (swivel head)
Released 2016

Let’s start with one of my favorite characters, Fluttershy!

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My Favorite Things: January 2016

January was a sort-of “trial month” for me. You can view my recap here or proceed to read My Favorite Things by directing your focus below.


HBO Girls


I spent January bing-watching HBO’s Girls! In fact, I finished Seasons 2-4 that same month and I am obsessed with the show. I love its realistic portrayal of a  twenty-something millennial’s life. Every time I watch the show, I feel like I’m watching real life. And I have to say that the characters are one of the show’s strongest points because they’re so real. They make a lot of mistakes and they’re very flawed- many of them often have a tendency to be self-absorbed and lazy as many twenty-something millennials are often labeled as. They’ve also each got their own brand of quirkiness. My favorite characters would have to be self-absorbed Hannah, eccentric Adam, and naive Shoshanna.

I can’t wait for Season 5 this month!


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