How to Live a Creative Life

by Kaela Ante

This is a video I made for an old project in college, but I figured it’s something worth sharing with you guys.



Here’s video in text + some insights from me:

1. Doodle on Everything

Doodle wherever you can, whenever you can. This keeps your creativity and motivation up. As they say, the cure for feeling low on motivation is to make any small type of movement. And doodling is one of the best movements you can do. It’s best if you keep a little journal/sketchbook with you at all times. What exactly do you put there? Well… whatever you see around you. If you’re like me and get random sporadic thoughts in the middle of the night, then doodling and jotting them in your journal immediately will help a lot. It’ll keep the high until you wake up the next day.


2. Wreck a Sketchbook

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” – Joseph Chilton Pearce

“There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

As artists, we tend to be natural perfectionists. Many of us wouldn’t want to release works that we haven’t viewed from all angles. Personally, I myself am still recovering from that. But here’s one thing I learned recently: it’s okay to make mistakes. As Keri Smith says, “when we open ourselves to failure, it brings us a freedom that allows us to relax and enjoy the ebb and flow of life.” Don’t be afraid of the blank page. Go and experiment. Who knows what you’ll discover? Buy a little journal/sketchbook and go crazy with spontaneous doodling. Doodle over your doodles. Add colors around. Remember to enjoy the process.


3. View the World Upside Down

Look at things in a different light and think of all the possibilities. Don’t be afraid to explore. There might be little gems out there waiting to be discovered.  Sometimes all we need is a little change in perspective to improve our mood.

It also helps to inject a bit of silliness in our lives every now and then. What’s life without fun?


4. Don’t be afraid to Play

“That’s the real trouble with the world: too many people grow up. They forget. They don’t remember what it’s like to be 12 years old.” – Walt Disney

Kids possess this raw view of the world. They have this unaltered sense of wonder and imagination that sadly, often disappears by adulthood (because… society). Don’t fall into that trap. Keep that curiosity with you and have fun with your work. Work and play don’t have to be two different things.  And remember to take note that “childlike” and “childish”are two different things.


5. Get Inspiration Around you 

As artists, we all get art block sometimes *hashtag artist problems*. What I do when that happens is I go on a break for a while, breathe, and take a walk around. Sometimes I find inspiration in the most unusual places and at the most unusual times. So look around you. Pay attention to every detail and every imperfection. Take note of every texture, every crease, every groove and appreciate them for what they are. They may inspire your next big work.

Also, as artists, we all tend to view our surroundings differently than most people. Use it to your advantage.


6. Stand Out 

“The worst mistake you’ll ever make is trying to blend.” – Icon for Hire

Don’t be afraid to stand out. Let your awesomeness shine through you. So… how can you stand out? For me, one big way is my manner of dressing. I’m really into the whole punk/edgy/pop art-ish/post-apocalyptic fashion thing. I like getting inspiration from characters, props I see in movies, comic books, and from illustrations online. It always adds something special to my day because I have something to look forward to. I always keep in mind to do it for myself, and not to please people.  How about you? Don’t waste your time following trends you don’t like. Do what makes you light up. (For more tips, check out this other article I wrote.)


If this article helped you or if you have any suggestions, please let me know through my email or through the comments below! 

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