Spontaneous Art Session

Last week, I had a spontaneous watercolor playdate with two of my pals: Pearl and Kat. We spent the whole afternoon painting while listening to some Classical music in the background. We didn’t have a theme in mind- we just let loose and painted whatever we felt like painting. It was very therapeutic that way.

Weapons of Mass Creation Photo Credit: Pearl
Weapons of Mass Creation
Photo Credit: Pearl
Pearl and Kat busy at work
Pearl and Kat busy at work
My Work-in-Progress
My Work-in-Progress

We finished after two hours. Here are our final artworks:

L-R: Mine, Kat's, and Pearl's<br /><i>Photo Credit: Kat</i>
L-R: Mine, Kat’s, and Pearl’s
Photo Credit: Kat

If you’ve got some free time, I highly recommend doing one with some of your closest pals because the freedom is very therapeutic. It’s a fun idea even if you aren’t an artist- you’re absolutely welcome to make mistakes and make mistakes on purpose. If that doesn’t light you up, having a coloring session using Adult Coloring Books would be a good alternative. 



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10 thoughts on “Spontaneous Art Session

  1. That looks like a lot of fun! I might have to try that with my friends someday. Which reminds me, I need to practice with watercolours! They can be so pretty! I hadn’t ever used them before until I started at art/design school earlier this year.
    Louise recently posted…Fix My Life: Week 2 Progress

    1. Watercolors are so much fun and so art Art Sessions with friends! 🙂

      I used to loathe using watercolors, but now I’m absolutely obsessed with them.

  2. Cool idea. I might have to try doing that. Though I’d likely just do it on my own. Should still be fun regardless.

    Awesome pieces by the way. I love the one on the far right.

    1. Art sessions on your own are fun too- well at least for introverts like me. XD

      Thank you! 🙂 My friend made that piece- you should see her watercolor artworks now. She’s improved a great deal since our first art session!

  3. That looks like a lot of fun. I remember having similar sessions with friends and just having a lot of fun! ^^ I managed to draw and color a picture of my dog/puppy Marley that one session. I should put it up sometime.

    Awesome art you got there!
    Michelle recently posted…Mini Medley Of The Hurt

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