Star Wars Week

Quite a late post but better late than never, right? I just wanted to go a little bit in-depth about my Star Wars week back in December.


Dec 12 – Christmas Toy Con (then late birthday dinner after)


My brother and I attended the annual Christmas Toy Con and while he managed to get a lot of Star Wars action figures and merchandise, I just got me a Darth Vader bag and some Darth Vader socks- which are both so cool by the way. 

After our short con trip, we headed to NIU by Vikings to have one heck of a dinner to celebrate many things: my dad’s new job, my other brother’s college graduation, the rest of my siblings’ achievements at school, and my birthday. I’ve mentioned this restaurant before in one of my entries and it’s one of our most favorite places to eat. It’s basically a reasonably-priced but high-end buffet place with very good food. That all-you-can-eat lamb, steak, and foie gras. So epic.





Dec 13 – Star Wars: Galactic Celebration


My brother (the same guy who went with me to the Christmas Toy Con), my mom, and I went to Globe Telecom’s Galactic Celebration. Globe managed to partner with Star Wars to both promote The Force Awakens and also their mobile and internet services and new products.


There was a little pamphlet that you had to complete in order to be eligible for the raffle, but we didn’t have much time so we only got to explore a few booths. However, my brother scored a First Order Stormtrooper backpack while I got some BB-8 earbuds. They came free when you purchased some mobile load/refill for your prepaid phone in one booth. The item you got was depending on how much you purchased.


Dec 16 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Special Screening

I had a chance to watch an advanced screening of The Force Awakens on December 16th. It was to be out on the 17th (but 18th in America and many parts in the world). It was a bit pricier than a regular movie ticket but I have NO regrets! This screening was one of the most epic movie-watching experiences I’ve had to date. People came in Star Wars shirts and cosplay. Lightsabers were everywhere. We got free Star Wars tumblers too!




There was so much enthusiasm in the crowd. The theater didn’t air any trailers so when the lights dimmed and the screen flashed the Lucasfilm logo, the crowd cheered. Even more madness happened once the opening crawl appeared. It was such a big moment and I got so emotional. After all the last Star Wars movie they gave us happened in 2005 when I was 12 (not counting The Clone Wars animated flick). I felt like I was reliving my childhood all over again. Star Wars gave me some of the best memories growing up. I was freaking out the whole movie.



Dec 17 – Watched The Empire Strikes Back on TV

I still had the a big movie hangover from the night before so it was cool that Fox decided to air one of my favorite Star Wars movies on TV that day. I watched The Empire Strikes Back from start to finish and absorbed every single bit of it with elements of The Force Awakens in mind. It had been a while after I’d seen it after all.


Dec 19 -Star Wars: The Force Awakens (watched again) + Star Wars Event

My siblings and I headed to the cinemas again on Saturday to catch another round of The Force Awakens! This time, it was a special screening hosted by Filbar’s and it was held at our local Dolby Atmos Theater.

A mini Star Wars event (and even a comicbook signing of Darth Vader Annual’s Leinil Yu) was held before the movie started. There were exhibits, booths, displays, and cosplayers!




There was a raffle draw but sadly, none of us ended up winning. But it’s all cool because we got a rad lootbag instead with some freebies!



Have you seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens?



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  1. My parents and I watched the latest Star Wars 3 days after Christmas, but haven’t really blogged about it yet. Before Christmas though, we had a Star Wars marathon on blu-ray so we can “refresh” the entire storyline before we watch the new one. We live 2 blocks from the movie house and we were not happy with the endless traffic of moviegoers in our neighborhood and we weren’t gonna deal with all that major hype on Opening Night here (California), so we decided to just watch the movie when there was no traffic and it was just us owning the entire movie screen.

    “Return of the Jedi” was the second movie I watched when I was little (I was I think 8 yrs old?), then, later on my mom rented videotapes of “Star Wars” and “The Empire Strikes Back” right after. My family and I saw the entire prequel trilogy, which I didn’t really like as much, but then again it’s the prequel. I actually like the newest movie, but sad about Han Solo’s fate. (not gonna spoil here for those who haven’t seen the movie yet)

    Looks like it was a huge event over there in the Philippines. My parents are on their way over there to visit family for 2 months. I can’t get any vacation days so I missed out again.
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