Hello World!

Just thought I’d start my intro by using the default first blog post title. I’ve owned a lot of blogs/websites in the past and seeing the “Hello World” default post makes me giddy, just because it shows the beginning of a new phase (or a new creation) in my online life. And that’s what I intend to do with this new blog. I hope this will be the start of many more awesome moments to come!

Welcome! I’m Kaela and I’m set to graduate art college in a few months- and I’m really nervous about it. You can read more about me here. This blog will feature a smörgasbord of my thoughts, some sporadic writings, art experiments, and my learnings of the world –which is coming off a scary place to me at the moment. Also, I’ve been watching “Boy Meets World” and “Girl Meets World” (the Disney spin-off) a lot lately so this post title fits a lot. (The former show, I never grew up with because I was much too young to watch when it aired. And let me just say that I’m hooked! Any fans out there?)


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