My Week with Dengue

Dengue (or Breakbone Fever) is a very popular disease in tropical countries, with even a few cases reported in America. My country, the Philippines is one of those top tropical countries. Ever since I was a little kid, my family would had always stayed alert with warnings that frequently came during the Summer or Rainy season. I’ve had friends and schoolmates who’ve had the disease growing up, so I was quite familiar with it.

Also, it helped that I owned this book: “Lolit Mosquito Brings Terror” by Dr. Luis Gatmaitan. As a little kid, I would find myself reading it often because of its entertaining (and educational) story and eye-candy illustrations (Beth Parocha-Doctolero was one of my favorite childhood illustrators).



Never did I think this childhood fear of mine would come to be a reality. Never did I think Lolit Mosquito would take interest in me. But life is unpredictable sometimes so I had no choice but to roll with it…


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