Dengue Post 2

Here’s Dengue Post 2 where I answer some of your questions. Read my Dengue Story here.


1. How do I know if I have dengue?
Check out the symptoms. They may vary per person though. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have rashes to be diagnosed with dengue. On your 3rd day of fever, be sure to get a Complete Blood Count test (CBC).


2. What is the cure for dengue?
There isn’t any at the moment. However, you can fight it by drinking a LOT of fluids (have someone wake you up every few hours so you can drink) and getting a lot of rest. Take Paracetamol every time you get a 37.8 C (100.04 F) fever. Try taking Taua-Taua and Legasea A.I.M capsules if you can (see my previous blog entry). Also, eat a LOT of fruits. During my illness, I drank a lot of Lemon Juice (pure lemon juice with Organic Apple Cider, Cayenne Pepper, and honey) and I ate a lot of juicy pears. I also made sure to drink at least two cap-fulls of Virgin Coconut Oil everyday.


3. Do I have to be admitted at a hospital?
Nope! Doctors don’t recommend hospital confinement during the early stages. However, you’ll need to have CBC tests and checkups done everyday after your third day of dengue. Your doctor will let you know when you have to get confined.



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