This Late August

Thought I’d do something different than my usual long blog entries. Starting today, I’ll do occasional life updates. And short ones at that.

Y’know, just to give update on what I’ve been up to.


Making: new illustrations for an upcoming blog entry

Drinking: water with Apple Cider Vinegar

Reading: “Scarlet” by Marissa Meyer

Wanting: to earn more cash

Looking: for my iPad charger

Deciding: what item to start in my To-Do list

Wishing: for good vibes for today

Enjoying: the peace and quiet of my room

Waiting: for good things to happen to my future projects

Liking: being productive

Wondering: if I’ll ever end up with my dream job

Loving: my new watercolor journal that my mom helped me put together

Considering: opening my main website soon

Watching: ASMR videos on YouTube

Hoping: for good things to happen

Needing: to keep up my productivity

Smelling: wet grass from outside

Wearing: my pajamas- it’s chilly outside

Noticing: how many copycats there are on my Facebook feed

Knowing: that it’s important for me to believe in myself

Admiring: artists who chased their dreams and ended up being victorious

Getting: rid of my negative thoughts

Coveting: a vintage Polly Pocket

Thinking: of ways to improve


This post was inspired by Meet Me at Mike’s and Reeseypeasy.

If you guys decide to do this too, do comment below so I can check out your post! 🙂



Kaela is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer who draws inspiration from her quirks, childhood nostalgia, and pop/sub-culture.

6 thoughts on “This Late August

  1. Oh, I’m so gonna do this sometime!

    Ah Polly Pocket…I miss those. I used to have a bunch of the originals and a bunch of the house ones. After that stopped collecting. Sadly my mom threw most of em out. I wouldn’t let her touch the treehouse though. XD
    Maroon Caludin recently posted…Back up!

    1. Polly Pockets were one of my fave childhood toys! I had more than 10 sets but sadly, they’re all gone because…
      1. that’s what happens when you have brothers in the house
      2. we moved a lot these past few years

      It’s so sad your mom threw yours out! D: Do you still have any left?

  2. Wow, I love this idea! I might do it myself for my future blog posts – it’s really nice to see what peoples doing and wanting to do xD It really inspires me to get up and go out there and do more things!

    BTW, I LOVEEEE SCARLETT! I LOVEEEEEEEE THE SERIES! I just recently finished it and wrote a blog post about how much I loved it haha! I really hope you’re enjoying it <3
    Pauline recently posted…Learning to cook! (properly)

    1. And when you do make a post of your own, let me know!

      Oh my goodness! Yayyyy another person who loves The Lunar Chronicles! After just reading Cinder, I was like: “Wow. I just found my new favorite book series!” I loved it that much.

      Once I’m done with Scarlet and eventually, Cress, we need to talk pls! You’re the only one I know besides me, who loves the books! And I need to fangirl with someone. XD

  3. I’ve been meaning to something like this, but alas, you have. This is still a great blog idea and polly pockets! I too, had a vast collection of them when I was younger and loved the hell out of them. They were awesome. Too bad, I lost nearly all my toys when I got older. I wish I wouldn’t have.
    Michelle recently posted…Riding On The Tails Of Dreams

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