Timeless Thoughts: Back To The Future

October 2015. That was the time Marty McFly traveled to the future.

And it happens to be the time we live in right now- our present.



Now I’m not going to focus on what’s happening in the now for this blog post. Let’s go a couple of years back for this Timeless Thoughts entry, shall we? … It was the early 2000s and I remember my parents setting up our DVD player one weekend for some new DVDs and VCDs they brought home. Back To The Future was one of those movies. I didn’t really know what to expect from Back To The Future at first because the only thing I knew about the popular franchise is how they had a ride of it at Universal Studios, though it seemed more of a “grown-up” ride than anything else (I knew this courtesy of our Universal Studios: Magic of Movies VHS).


Universal Studios: Magic of Movies VHS aka where I first got a glimpse of Back To The Future
Universal Studios: Magic of Movies VHS


However upon seeing the movie, I didn’t realize how different I expected the story to be- my siblings and I loved every single part of it! The idea of time travel was cool idea on its own and we laughed at how Marty was struggling to pair his parents together in the 1950s. The scenes were so memorable and until this day I can still recite some lines. What are you looking at butthead? So make like a tree and get outta here. 



After that, we begged our parents to get us DVDs of the next two movies. And we marathoned them the next few weekends. To this day, Back To The Future is one of those that I can watch every year and I still wouldn’t get tired of it- even if I watched it so much as a young kid. My favorite is definitely the first one!

But I do remember wanting to have a hoverboard so bad after seeing the second one. The 2015 future part was my favorite! I owned a pink Barbie skateboard that time and I would pretend it was like that pink Mattel hoverboard that Marty used. Now that October 21, 2015 (the date Marty McFly specifically ended up in the future) is only but a few weeks away, I’m very sad I can’t hold a hoverboard in my hands. Sorry, young self.




It’s kirgo you know? The future that I was very excited to happen is basically here now. And there are no mass-produced hoverboards, flying cars, holobillboards (and Jaws 19), dehydrated pizzas that expand in size when heated, self-adjusting jacket, etc. Not that I was expecting super futuristic technology; I watched Back To The Future in the year 2003, so 2015 didn’t seem like such a distant future. But still, I was at least hoping the hoverboard would be a reality.




So here’s to hoping October 21, 2015 (now known as Back To The Future day) will still be an epic day. I hope they decide to do a special Back To The Future reunion of some sort. I know I’ve got nothing special planned because the year flew by too fast, but I will do what I can in spirit. After all I’ve been counting down to this day since I was a young kid.





Kaela is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer who draws inspiration from her quirks, childhood nostalgia, and pop/sub-culture. www.KaelaAnte.com

8 thoughts on “Timeless Thoughts: Back To The Future

  1. Strangely enough, I never watched that as a kid. I didn’t watch it until my college years. I didn’t have any nostalgic attachment to it, so I couldn’t really get into it. I like the concept of the films, but I dunno. It just didn’t grasp me. Same with the Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, and et cetera movies. Still, though, I’m glad you and your family enjoyed the series! Loved reading about your thoughts and I adore your drawings that are accompanied with this post!
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    1. I understand. My friends from school all didn’t get to watch it until they were in college so they too didn’t really get into it.

      I grew up watching Jurassic Park but I never got into it. Until now, I can’t get myself to watch Jurassic World. XD I did enjoy the Indiana Jones movies though with “Temple of Doom” being my favorite.

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. Yeah, we should completely have the hover board by now. Or maybe they secretly invented it already and are just waiting for the 21st to release it… haha, we can dream.

    I agree with you about the movie/s. They are all great, and I really like the futuristic movie the most. 😀
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  3. Can’t wait for that day ^^ I love Back To The Future. Still, it’s amazing that it’s been so long since they came out! I’m glad they never intend to make it over or reboot it. It has a legacy that can’t be matched. Thank good. I want my hover board!
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