Timeless Thoughts: LaserDiscs

I’m back after having missed two entries worth of Timeless Thoughts. Boy have I missed doing these kinds of posts! Reminiscing old times is always a fun thing.


Does anyone remember LaserDiscs?

You know, those big things that look like giant DVDs. They’re so big that sometimes you have to use two hands to flip it in the player- “flip” because a movie often uses two sides of the disc.


Recently, I was looking at some of our old CDs at home and I stumbled upon my dad’s old LaserDisc collection. Back in my pre-school and early elementary school days, that’s how we’d watch movies if we weren’t watching our VHS tapes and DVDs- through LaserDiscs. When he was still single, my dad used to have his own Video Store where he’d copy movies from LaserDiscs to VHS tapes. He was a real movie buff and had a huge movie collection for his side business. But time passed and he got married, had kids, and found himself moving a lot so he didn’t get a chance to keep all of the movies in his collection- both LaserDisc and VHS.


Our LaserDisc Collection
Our LaserDisc Collection
Size Comparison: LaserDisc vs CD
Size Comparison:
LaserDisc vs CD
Random Movies from our CollectionDo any of these bring back memories for you?
Random Movies from our Collection
Do any of these bring back memories for you?
I loved watching the Sing-Along Songs series. The one where they explored Disneyland was my favorite!
I loved watching the Sing-Along Songs series. The one where they explored Disneyland was my favorite!


My dad always said LaserDiscs were for movie buffs because of the high quality and widescreen selections. They were far more superior than VHS tapes.


Star Wars Trilogy Set - 1995 Widescreen Edition
Star Wars Trilogy Set – 1995 Widescreen Edition


My favorite LaserDisc set was our Star Wars trilogy one because they were what introduced me to Star Wars. I remember how as kindergarteners my brother and I would hide behind the couch every time the THX logo showed up. The sound would always scare the crap out of us.


Turn the volume up- it only works that way, and listen to it!


Listening to it on speakers was worse!

The last LaserDiscs we acquired were of some movies in The Land Before Time series. It was already the early 2000s when we bought them.

Our player no longer works ofcourse but someday, my parents hope to buy a new one so we can look back and watch our collections of movies as a family. Just like old times.


  1. Did you own any LaserDiscs?
  2. What format did you often watch your movies in?



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8 thoughts on “Timeless Thoughts: LaserDiscs

    1. I guess it was more of an American thing? I don’t think it was popular here too. My friends have never heard of them! I’m not from America but when I was younger, my dad would go there and that’s where he would often buy his movie collection.

  1. O_O I’d no idea those huge things were around! I knew of records, but not laserdiscs! I grew up on VHS, so maybe that’s why.

    And HOMG, Disney Sing Along Songs! I loved those as a kid! I re-watched those so many times ^^ Now this is really taking me back! I have to thank you for making me remember something I hadn’t thought of in years! I’m glad you participated in this round :3
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    1. I know a lot of people who have never heard of LaserDiscs as well! I feel like it wasn’t really popular.

      Disney Sing Along Songs. YESSSS. Those were the best! I’d literally watch those all the time as a pre-schooler. Did you know that they’re all up on YouTube? 🙂

  2. Honestly, I don’t think my family ever owned any LaserDics, but I do know some people who have. They were HUGE compared to what we have now! I literally forgot about these things.

    I had the ENTIRE collection of Disney Sing Along songs. Bird with dunce cap “But I don’t know all the songs.” Professor Owl “That’s okay, just sing along!” This is definitely taking me back to childhood.

    1. Yes, they were so big! It’s crazy.

      Oh my goodness! Yes, that blue owl and the birds in the classroom! “Join right in, sing-along with your favorite Disney song!” Did you know that the Disney Sing-Along Song videos are on YouTube?

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